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Atitaya Sinpakdee : I loved this seahawks jersey. It breaks my heart that it is too small and we have to return it! It looks like a regular jersey and the colors are great. A must have for any Hawks fan furbaby. My advice is if you are close to the top range of a size, go up one. It does run a little smaller than the size chart.
If this has been helpful, please click the YES button below. Thank you
Pat Bove Sr. : Great light weight shirt, I bumped up one size as other reviews suggested and it fit great. Have worn it for 2 50+ rides without complaint!
Marcos Zequeira : So soft. Like a t-shirt
Sharna Meek : Comfortable, enjoyable to wear.
Martin Encalada Abad : Fit perfectly and light weight.
Juan Saldaña : We love it

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